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kind of partly sunny. very warm and humid up near 90 0 with scattered afternoon showero and thunderstorms returning jusj like >> wisdom justughed. it's spreading. just newman let's hope you don't get sick, too. >> with julie out the ditz factor is being handled by the anchor team. >> that was harsh! >> harsh but true! >> we don't need jeff newman for traffic. >> i'm only in once or month or so. i have to get my over by the roosevelt bridge to the roslyn tunnel incident free.t f looking good from 66 falls church and arlington. a around the georgia, no problemsm
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there. an increase in volume as you y might expect. 70 southbound passing montrose down toward rockville and the split. after democracy main and local lanes wide open. no incidents reported. we'll head over to 95 travel lanes are open both main and local h.o.v. lanes open in the northbound direction obviously. there's an early look at your fox 5 ontime traffic.ra >> thank you, jeff. new this morning, d.c. police remain on the scene of a deadly shooting some ten hours after this will a man was shot on fourth street southeast around 7 last night. investigators say several shotss were fired outside an apartment complex. they are not releasing information about a suspect but we'll share me as we get it.t.
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>> 17 amber stanley was shot in her bedroom at her upper marlboro home last august.ugus police canvassed the neighborhood, went door-to-door and handed out fliers in hopes of gaining new leads. her mother said she had dreams of becoming a doctor. the vanessa pham murder trial resumes today and defense lawyers for julio blanco-garcia will begin trying to convince the jury that it was not premeditated. they showed a video showing him confessing confessing to killing the 19-year-old inside her car in falls church in 2010, not long after she agreed to-him and his daughter a ride.da he said heug snapped when pham made a wrong turn out of a shopping center and he was highs on pcp. >> bradley manning gets 35 years behind bars. he was sentenced for spilling a huge trough of classified documents to wikileaks. the sentence handed down by a
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military judge at fort meade isi the stiffest punishment ever for leaking to the media. he is not expected to serve the entire 35 years. he will get four years credit for time served and eligible for parole for 11 years. some experts say he may serve as little as seven years. >> as manning learned his fate we learned about the death of secret government surveillance programs. officials say some of thee documents released this weekre were made public inle response e a lawsuit. l the lawsuit was filed by a privacy group and "the wall street journal" report that's nsa tracked much more internetee usage that previously thought. the agency admits it collected as many as $36,000 e-mails by americans not connected to terrorism in egypt some are are calling for protests. hosni mubarak is likely to getet
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out of prison today and many who supported it are not happy. they say he should be retried for the crackdown. he was found guilty and won an appeal. today the military will put the former strong man under house arrest following his release. some rebels say his government said assad had nothing to do with it. the white house wants access to the site of yesterday's attack. i think delegate dwyer needs to
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make important decisions in the future. he has to look at what id about for the at this timents and. a >> he pleaded guilty this monthm to operating a boat while under the flu and issuing 30 people.e. how the district is preparing for big crowds for the big event.ev >> what restaurant in d.c. has won a james beard award? an american dream award is a favorite of celebrities and has papers archived so scholars can study. it's ben's chili bowl of course. we'll talk about a celebration you want to hear about when fox 5 morning news continues.
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>> we're talking about ben's chili bowl and it opened in
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august of 1958, august 2. >> it's been a gathering place of visitors, dignitaries and celebrities.itie melanie, our celebrity s live outside the restaurant with a preview. hey, mel. >> good morning. mor these people have been here. the workers have been here sinci 2:00 this morning getting ready for the big celebrate today. you can see the signs here. also if we come out wider and talking about celebrating 55 years here at ben's chili bowl. big celebration going on today. newlyweds ben and virginia used $5,000 to renovate the building after they were married. it was built in 1910. it housed a movie they're ter and pool hall. h the counter, booths and stools other and very famous people have taken a seat. in the old days duke ellington,
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ella fits gerald. martin luther king, jr., the restaurant was open and donated food for the march on washington. it managed to stay open durling the race riots and the five years of metro construction whet business was almost nonexistence. bill cosby has been and u2's frontman bono and president barack obama who came here juste ten days before his historic h inauguration as well. a lot of people in washington d.c. when they are making an historic trip here dignitaries as well. nick lar sarkozy was here. they feel like they have to mako a stop at ben's chili bowl. alie passed away four years ago. he was able to witness the restaurant's 50th anniversary and receive a key to the city. so much touchstones here in washington, d.c. right at this t very spot. the celebration begins at 10:000 this morning but i'm told it's
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going to continue. big street celebration, a party all day long. it's going to go until 7:00 this evening. wisdom and sarah there's a a couple of giveaways, too. lots of things for the public tb be able to participate in here. back to you. >> it should be a fun time. giving away a few half smokes will make people happeny. >> gotta love that. thank you very much, melanie. a birthday tribute to the late chuck brown. >> last year d.c. mayor designated today, august 22, as chuck brown day. they'll deadly part of the langedon park this is at noon
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today. a lot happening. it's 5:12 on this thursday. we feel like busting loose.
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♪ ♪ let's back it on up >> i liked it.t. your dance moves when chuck brown comes on. you can't help but dance.
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bustin'loose. >> you have to dance for an hour straight and i get tired. >> the gogo music just keeps going. today is officially chuck brown day in d.c. that's why you heart chuck brown music. >> exactly, right.t. the celebration at ben chili bowl, too. >> the chili bowl, chuck brown day, the 50th anniversary in washington and the weather is going to cooperate? >> mostly fun. a sunny, warm and humid day. coll be a thunderstorm orders showers this afternoon. not a washout kind of day. we're setting up for a nicece weekend. that's important, too. >> it's very important for all of it going on with the weekend activities. >> let's do it. temperature yesterday tried tost get toer 90. came so close.
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89. that was a winning number. n >> yeah, playing the lottery, play 89. >> all i know is it was hot. >> i was, too. i tried to go for a run yesterday. i want to say hi to the nice two young ladies that honk add the me at the -- honked at me at the corner and said hi. >> they waited for you at the corner? that's a stalker. >> i just wanted to say hi to h them. >> i'm sure they are very nice.n >> 73 -- they are big fans of f the show, sarah. 73 in quantityo, 70 in leonardtown. 60's north and west, frederickdi 68 as well. looking for fog. not seeing it at this time but it could develop as we have the same ingredients we've had the last couple of powers. showers overnight pushing to the east. pretty good thunderstorms to the south and east as you see this morning. left with warm and humid conditions and light showers
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across potomac at the moment. then this afternoon, as the cold front starts to approach the area, the actual front is not going to make it to the the timing is not great for a f lot of thunderstorm activey. with a good push up ahead of it we could get a few showers and thunderstorms developing alonglg that front later this afternoon and tonight. keep it in mind. what can we expect behind the front. cooler and drier air filters in time. should be a nice weekend.kend partly sunny today. scattered showers and winds out of the west at five miles per hour.mi 72 tonight. early showers and storms.rms. mostly cloudy overnight. we'll start the morning tomorrow with cloud cover and a -- a possibility of early storms particularly across the southern tier of the viewing area. once we clear out we should bed in for a nice afternoon.f saturday and sunday look great. low humidity as well. that's your weather forecast.orc let's do traffic and get the latest from jeff and roads.
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jeff? >> let's start in v.a. traveling northbound on 95.rt no problems tohb report. prince william police reporting that 234 dumb -- dumphries road is closed. leesburg -- in leesburg cochran mill road is closed in both directions at cyclin road. r virginia inside the beltway traveling toward the 14th 14t street bridge. at speed toward the pentagon. pn over on 66 approaching the beltway volume increasing after 123 on the eastbound side but no accidents in the way and we'll head over to the beltway in in prince george's county.nty. the overnight construction cones have been picked up. traveling south of columbia andd laurel down toward the beltway.
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typical volume predawn and prerush shower right now.ower s this a look at your fox 5 onn time traffic. >> thank you, jeff. in the news this morning there'm more questionsor than answers is the murder of an australiantral baseball player in oklahoma. o >> no one can make sense ole three teenage boys decided to kill the college student for the fun of it. we have details and the 911 call moments after the victim was shot. >> his girlfriend visits the spot we died. >> he's such an amazing persone and i'm going to miss him forever. but i'm really glad i got the four years with w >> they ended here on the side e of a road. authorities released a 911 call from a witness who said she saw him collapse. >> tell them to hurry. >> what is he say is wrong with him? >> what did he say is wrong with him? >> he said he's shot.t. >> shot, investigators say, but
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these three teens, charged as adults, one of whom supposedlyy confessed they were bored and decided to kill someone for the fun of it.of >> i'm appalled by the behavior. >> they are described as thugs t who drove up behind lane and shot him and drove off leaving him to die. >> is he breathing, conscious and talking to you? >> he's not conscious. is he still breathing? bre >> barely. >> back in australian friends continue to pay tribute on the field we used to play as folks on two continents try top comprehend how anything like that could happen.pen. >> how do you fathom that in our society. you see it on movies. you don't see it. it's not reality until it is and now it's reality for us. >> it's reality for the suspect as families as well as the teens could spend the rest of their
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lives in prison. p >> it's like the family in australia. they are hurting. i'm hurting the samere way. i don't cry on the outside. i'm crying from the heart right now. >> oh, wow. >> terrible story. >> shepherd smith reporting forf us this morning. >> coming up celebrating the 50th anniversary. how the week-long events kickedt off yesterday.te >> in the district ready for big crowds. a large crowd.e we'll hear from the c mayor and traffic changes you want to make mote of. -- make note of. fox 5 morning news in a moment. 
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>> hundreds kick off the praisek and worship service attended by prominent multicultural and intergenerational faith from across the nation. thousands are expected in the nation's capital over the nextxt week to take part in the anniversary celebration. >> quite a crowd there and a wonderful time.nder there are two more events. one this saturday and one on wednesday. the all anniversary. ann >> the question is is the the district ready for crowds theyhy might expect?
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>> sense without safety issues. >> good morning everyone. >> mayor gray held his biweekly press conference in front of the d.c. war memorial to bring atension not only to the march on washington but the lack off voting rights among d.c. residents. said the two are connected. >> we don't have doings sicked on us or being hosed down but we might as well be given thehe indignity to which we arere expected in this city. >> a statehood rally begins at the memorial. officials say plans have been made to transport attendees who need it especially older folks. >> the national action network will be shuttling people from foggy bottom to the lincoln and people may have to walk from the lincoln down here.. >> will emergency services be ready for the crowds? d.c. fire and ems has had its share of vehicle issues recent. deputy mayor of public safety
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we'll provide whatever services we're called upon on the 14th4th and 28th if needed. n >> on a related note they plan a to hold a press conference last week to talk about improvements made within d.c. fire and ems. new ambulances and a new effort to hire more paramedics. >> all right. and you may want to give yourself extra time if you are heading to the mall for the events this weekend.his the arlington memorial bridgel b off the gw parkway will be closed to traffic from 6:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. memorial circumstance ll brie main open unless it need it's be closed for pedestrian safety. participants are encouraged to take public transportation to the march and rally. we'll be right back with the top stories. >> we'll have a live look
5:27 am
outside. checking in with the forecast and see what is happening on th, roads coming up next.
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♪ >> welcome back to fox 5 morning news. we're getting deeper and deeper into this back-to-schooll business. won't be long before everybody is back. everybody is back and happy.k an
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>> traffic starts to build earlier. wood droa wilson bridge wheregew traffic is pick up. we'll see how things are moving along with jeff newman. tucker is here with the latest on the weather for us.he w >> feels like fall. >> does it? >> just a little bit. because of school. football >> i noticed the late has h started to change. the sunrise coming up later and at night it's getting dark by 8:00. that part i noticed. >> the heat is coming. >> as far as heat and humidy it feels like august.ugus reagan national is 73. it's the second morning where we failed to get out of the 70s at reagan national we're in the upper 80s near 90.0. right there again today.ay. partly sunny and warming and humid condition expects. have had showers moverring through. the bulk of the rain is.
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>> as the cold front approaches from the north and west the threat of showers and storms. warm and humid scattered stormsm 90 later today. >> heating up again. thanks, >> we'll check in and see what is happening on the roads. here is jeff >> good morning, just getting started. shift number one, seeing increased volume actually in both directions seeing the tail lights on the outer loop from l the 270 spur to fairfax county. accident reported in the district. it's 11th street bridge northbound after 295 and d.c. police on the scene over there.t top side of the beltway headed h from college park to the mormon
5:32 am
temple no accidents reported. rp just pretty typical volume for o this time of morning headed to virginia we have a reminder from police that dumphries vood closed. s they a look at your fox 5 ontime traffic. >> thank you.. an out of control wild far out west continues to burn this t morning threatening 25 hundred buildings near yosemite national park. it's more than 50 uncontained wildfires burning across the t western officials say it's only 5% contained. fire officials in oregon say say they've spent nearly $1 billion fighting fires this year. this is coming from the news
5:33 am
wire right now.ight you can see police. we're tracking down report that's a body was found overnight. the investigation appears to have centered on woods in this area but we'll bring you more information as we get it again. more information there as we continue the investigation. in july of 2012 sar yafs found spot to death inside her home. >> also in the news this morning a 50 year sentence for the army private found guilty of leaking classified documents to wikileaks. >>ed beforely manning's lawyer is going to file a petition to get a presidential pardon. he's sending president obama a letter explaining why he decided
5:34 am
to leak the documents. he is sentenced to 35 years and will be sent to the prison in fort leavenworth >> before the big anniversary on the march on washington there's a rally to call for d.c. statehood. later on today. people are invited to a sign make party. >> today marks two years since the district was hit by an earthquake and today the national cathedral will give an update on repairs to the landmark. the earthquake destroyed severay areas to the church. the cathedral has been working to install scaffolding in repair of the stone. it was granted a $100,000 grantg through the in additional trust for historic preservation. p >> the redskins getting readyng for the third game against the
5:35 am
bills on the field. rg3 took another step in his recovery. he went full speed without any problems. he maintained he will be ready for week one against the eagles even though he will not play inn the preseason.e >> i have to make sure i have my x's and o's down and can i perform. for me can i lean on last year's game experience to prepare me for this season.ason >> griffin addressed the media about the reported friction between he and coach shanahan. a he denied any problems and considered going into a shell and quote bill pl bill check it to avoid having his words twisted but he said he will keep his candid approach with the media. >> a lot of talking for a guy who sp not playing. i'm just saying time now for a
5:36 am
shoutout for those who get ready for back to scoosm we continue to share your back to school selfies. she april tends middle school until capitol heights.ghts back to school. s have a great day and a great school year. you can tweet us your first day photos @myfoxdc and use the halg back-to-school selfie and the include the student's name anddt where they go to school as well. i like the attitudes, too., >> oh, yeah.eah. >> coming up remembering the man who brought the beatles to theu. >> we'll tell you when filed a lawsuit against new dad can yes west and why. >> oh, boy. let's look at the market. a sixth day of decline for the dow. it lost over 100 points to close below the 15080 mark.
5:37 am
the. stocking fell yesterday after the federal reserve indicated it might slow the program. we'll have an update coming up u in an hour. time now is 5:00 which 38. we're back after this.
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>> promoter and agent who first brought the beatles to america passed away. sid bernstein passed away yesterday. he started the british invasion by booking them at carnegie hall in 1963. ultimately the concert happenedn in february of 1964 three days after the fab four's legendary performance on the ed sullivan show. he booked them to play shea stadium in 1955 and 56. >> a paparazzi photographer is suing can yes west at can yes came at him at l.a. last night. he said he spent two weeks on crashes after the attack. he claims he is still in pain from all of this. he is suing for battery and
5:41 am
interfearance for civil rights. >> what about can yes's rights, too. >> drama. >> there's drama about them t trying to get laws passed because of the pap raisey. >> coming up next. sharks in the potomac. we'll show you the catch andnd hear from the fisherman who who caught them straight ahead. >> a live look outside thursday morning. interstate 270 here. h we'll check in with jeff hueman today. his to think about who it is today. we have just talking about traffic while julie is off. tucker has your forecast and hee will look at the roads.. tucker is not, jeff s. we'll check in with melanie. >> a lot of good things happen over a good meal and ben chili bowl celebrates 55 years of food and friend shil.
5:42 am
i'll have details on how h everyone else can join in the celebration today when we continue.
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>> from rockstars to presidents one d.c. restaurant welcomedelco guests and it's celebrating the 55th and verse.
5:45 am
>> ben's chili bowl opened its doors in 1958 and prides itself on using the recipe to make thee delicious chili. melanie is live with more on the milestone. >> good morning, sarah. you know, chili and half smokes not normally what i would eat for breakfast but the smells are starting to waft out of here as they are preparing food and getting ready for the big celebration today.le it makes youbr think i think i i could probably go for one of o those even this early in the morning. as you said, they did open their doors on august 22. 1958. newlyweds used $5,000 to renovate the building on u street. it was built in 1910. ever since 1958 it's been the home of ben's chili bowl.l.
5:46 am
the restaurant was open and donated food for the other march in washington, managed to stay open during the race riots and five years of metro construction was business was almost nonexistence. bill cosby say famous patron. other visitors include bono and president george w. bush and of course, barack obama who stopped by ten days before the historic inauguration. ben ali passed away four years ago but he was able to witness the 50th anniversary and receive a key so the city today is also chuck brown day. the ground breaking at noon today at langedon park. the celebration is beginning inn earnest this morning around 10:00. it may open for business at 6:00. i assume there's going to be a lot of people showing up before
5:47 am
10:00. 10 is the beginning of official celebration. there's a street party with a dj. lots of food and it's going on until 7:00 this evening. back to you guys. >> all right. why not have a half smoke. >> sounds good.od. may not be good for your stoch yam. it's warm enough another warm and humid day. summery afternoon. if you are out and aboutout celebrating maybe the pool. it could we the last of pool days. >> there's some not back to school yet. get out there.out >> things winding down pretty quick. 73 in washington. 72 in leonardtown and some 60s m tour the north and west not
5:48 am
dealing with the fog we had yesterday. there's a look at your radar. a cloud cover to start your activity. most activity right there. very heavy thunderstorms to the south and east of association city out of to sea. we're dealing with an upperper level piece of energy, a trofimoffing you can see it pushing west to east we focus on the cold frontf
5:49 am
tomorrow should be a beautiful afternoon with plenty of sunsy yieb and temperatures in the mid 80s. here is futurecast. just a couple showers out there at 5:00 p.m. just like yesterday we'll see showers fire it won't be a washout kind of day. overnight tonight to tomorrow the front moves through. we'll wake up with cloud cover tomorrow. could be showers during the first half of friday. best chance south of washington maybe a thunderstorm as the front continues to fade away. as mentioned nice here friday afternoon.afte partly sunny.unny scattered showers and thunderstorms back. >> saturday and sunday things nice. a few clouds around on saturdays but with temperatures in the lower humidity. should be a nice weekend. do you like the half smokes? >> his a couple.
5:50 am
[ laughter ] that's why i'm not on camera because i spilled chili all over my shirt. montgomery village avenue we did have an accident. acc moved to the left shoulder towards hyattstown. traveling from sec. over the top side of beltway seeing the volume between b pennsylvania avenue and 19 1-7b8g street bridge and the earlier accident has been removed out of your main lanesa over the occoquan with no incidents reported. that's a look at your traffic.fc back to you.back >> all right.
5:51 am
thank you very much. a fisherman makes a splash in the news with a big catch. c >> turns out it's in the the first time he has made a surprising catch in a spot where families go audrey tells bus the this shark tale after the break. creepy!
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>> we've got a fish tale about two very big sharks. >> we told but a fisherman's catch in southern maryland.
5:54 am
audrey caught up with the man who reeled thoses in and visit the spot.e >> a family was waiting in waite intimming area. unbenowns the to them a day ago a group of fisherman pulled in nasty bull sharks 200 yards away. each was more than. >> we started fishing in the net and the biggest of the two sharks when we were in the net there was a shark fin in it. it tripped off a lot of excitement. this is the teekd time he hawld in a shark off point lookout. he and his dad caught one in almost the same spot in 2010. >> they are sharks in t potomac river. after getting one shark on board. he made a stafortdelling announcement. >> he and another fellow who
5:55 am
works with us, patrick they t checked the net again and sureur enough a second shark in it. >> unlike the first shark this one had plenty of fight left how far up the poe tow mack would they go? >> there's no limit so i don't know. >> i think there's more sharks than all of us realize or know and we happened to catch some. >> a dnr biology was on boardrd when they were hauled in and looking into why these dangerous test toft troan bull sharks were in the potomac. >> it's been dead for hours but it freeks me out. here is something i learned about sharks they feel like sand
5:56 am
paper. if you rub down on the skin it's like sand paper you can probably hear it and if you go like that it's perfectly smooth. >> greg has advice if you want to avoid a close encounter of jaws kind. >> i wouldn't swim at night. the guys are out at night or early in the morning. >> audrey bearns, fox 5 news. n >> ew. like we talked about yesterday, too. >> coming up a major retailer wants you to start your. >> we'll check in when fox 5 morning news comes back. 
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>> the man charged with the murder of a 19-year-old college student admits he is to blame the her death. see how it played out. >> and sentencing day, a soldier learns his punishments.

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